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MINI FLAKE BUSTER for Master Airbrush S62 KIT Metalflake Old School Flake

Made Specifically to fit the Master Airbrush S62. Instead of the conventional method of mixing the flakes in a liquid vehicle such as clear coat, it is actually blown onto the wet clear in a dry form, this gives the user much more control over the flakes being applied. Airbrushes not included. Jars are not included. This prodcut only works with an Iwata Eclipse Airbrush, and is not compatible with other airbrushes does not include the red insert.

Features and Benefits:

Worlds only dry metalflake gun specifically for use with an airbrush.
Uses Patented Method and Design.
CNC Billet Aluminum sprayer.
Works with siphon or gravity fed airbrushes and won’t harm the surface.
Spray pearls and special effect pigments DRY!
Change pearls and flakes without solvent rinse.
Sprays powder size material up to .040″ larger than Bass Boat!
Save un-sprayed material instead of dumping it.
Save $$ on solvent and clears
Perfect for R/C, model, craft, make-up artists, automotive, etc…
Mini Insert to fit Master Airbrush S62 Only

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